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Googleme and Ångströ = True Facebook Competition?


I am speculating here on where and what Google is going to do with a rumored social network platform potentially named Googleme.

When I read about the Ångströ acquisition it immediately occurred to me that GoogleMe could instantly become my social network interface of choice should they deliver one thing RELEVANCE.  Facebook does a terrible job of showing me feeds from my friends i might actually be interested in viewing and interacting.  Top that off with the fact i have to log into multiple networks today not an aggregate view that delivers relevant and quality streams.  It would seem that Ångströ and Google might be trying to do just this, Solve my PAIN of Social Networking.

Now how would they do this?

From Ångströ’s Blog below:

Ångströ delivers the news you need to know about your professional network.

By leveraging existing services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Ångströ helps you easily discover and share critical business news about colleagues, clients, and companies.

Unlike clipping services that confuse multiple people with the same name, Ångströ both disambiguates names and analyzes social graphs to prioritize those relationships that matter to you most.

Based on that one comment, If they have in fact somewhat figured this out and can deliver 80% of the time I will become a GoogleMe convert overnight.

This speaks to my post on What is Wrong With Enterprise Social Networking.  Lack of Quality, Context, and relevance in my Social Networks activity streams.

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